Susan’s commitment to quality extends beyond just the project she is working on. Susan understands that quality is not just about the final product, it’s about the way you go about achieving the goals of the project. Susan’s professionalism, mixed with her wit, humor, and commitment to excellence make her a joy to work with. Her attitude is inspirational and benefits not only her clients, but the people that are fortunate to work with her. Her energy maintains team chemistry and drives the team to succeed.Andrew Nooleen
Interactivity Developer, Allen Interactions

… Give her any challenge. She quickly figures out what needs to be done, what the team needs and how she can get it for them. She uses no fancy party tricks, she just digs in and makes stuff happen. She asks questions – of clients, peers, superiors, or the man on the street – to find out what’s really going on. She learns fast. She self-corrects. She is persistent and organized. She’s smart – book smart and people smart. Clients love her. If you have the chance to work with her, I recommend it. I admire Susan and would work with her again in an instant.Melody Lentsch
Director of Interactive & Direct, Carmichael Lynch Advertising

…Susan wields a firm grasp of usability, site mapping, wireframing and development which makes her the best accomplice to any project needing a keen eye with no time to spare. She is very diplomatic, patient and kind in her interactions. She’s just great.Sheila Oberaigner
Interactive Designer, Cambria

…I consider her to be one of the most influential people in my life, next to my mother and my sixth grade teacher…Sarah Shoulak
Student, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

… her view is more than tactical: she has the ability to see the big picture: she understands strategy, and is equally comfortable and competent talking to clients as she is to the internal team. When I worked with her, she was relatively junior in title only: her maturity, razor-sharp instinct and intelligence made her a great partner – one that I’d welcome working with again.Stacy Graiko
Account Director, Carmichael Lynch

… She is professional, ethical, efficient, communicative, and organized to a T. She also has an amicable, pleasant relationship with those around her and helps keep the team morale and attitude positive and productiveMichelle Kenoyer
QA Specialist, Allen Interactions

Susan played a key role in the further maturation of the PM practice at RMG Connect. Her insights and ideas regarding process and communication were foundational to future growth… She has set high standards by which others shall continue to be measured.Randy Wymore
Director of Project Management, RMG Connect

… she met challenges with a smile and had a way of bringing calm, organization, and open communication to a project. When we worked on a project together, she always managed it with clear direction and smart insight. Susan is an incredibly sharp woman who understands not only how to manage projects, project teams, and client relationships; but also understands the bigger picture of developing the business.Julie Horton
Information Architect, RMG Connect

Susan’s leadership and straightforward approach in sometimes challenging situations was a great value to both Target and Ham in the Fridge – her goal was always a “win/win” situation. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.Jamie Hermes
Creative Services Buyer, Target Corporation

… Her skills transcended her official role that she held during our time together at Carmichael Lynch. Her dedication and ability to solving business problems the smartest way possible for both her employer and clients (while driving amazing results) is second to none. I can’t wait to work with her again. (One can hope.)Chris Wexler
Online Media Manager, Carmichael Lynch

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