Northwest Airlines – Online Ads

Northwest Airlines – Online Ads

While working at Carmichael Lynch, I managed the interactive work for Northwest Airlines. Their online ad campaign strategy brought with it one very large challenge.

The Challenge: If other airlines found out that NWA was planning a fare sale, they could easily launch a counter-sale of their own, taking critical business away from NWA. Therefore, NWA would wait to inform Carmichael Lynch of their plans for a sale until one or two days before the sale launched to reduce the risk of a leak of sale information.

They followed this protocol with all of their vendors, but because of the typical turnaround time of an online banner campaign (two to three weeks at that time), it was especially difficult for us to handle.

The Solution: To address this challenge, I worked with the internal team at Carmichael Lynch to find ways to reduce our banner campaign turnaround time. Our approach was two-fold:

  1. Our media buying group negotiated special deals with the sites where we wanted to place our ads so that we could secure placement with very little notice.
  2. Our interactive team concepted simple yet highly effective banner ads that could be produced very quickly.

The ads we created were innovative at the time. A viewer could type in their flight search information, click search, and be taken to a flight results page, where they could complete their purchase. The ads were easy to update with the most current sale information, and they out-performed previous banners we had created for NWA.

The Result: Once we put our approach in place, we were able to turn around an online banner campaign within one or two days of notice and NWA enjoyed record click-through-rates and sales from the ads.