Great River Office Products- SM Strategy

Great River Office Products- SM Strategy

When I began working with Great Rivers Office Products, they had a good presence on social media networks and had just begun to communicate with customers within those networks.

The purpose of the strategy document I created was to propose strategies that Great River Office Products could undertake to grow their engaged and loyal community, improve their content plan and expertise offering, and generate additional business leads and partners.

The document contained:

  • An Overview
  • The Merits of Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Goals for Great Rivers Office Products
  • Strategy Prerequisites
  • Recommended Social Network Strategies (by network)
  • Proposed Content Plan Summary
  • Content Preparation Recommendations
  • Content Publishing Distribution Plan
  • Content Seeding Plan
  • Internal Company Process Recommendation
  • Success Monitoring Direction
  • Training and Setup Options
  • Proposed Future Initiatives

Knowing that funds for a well orchestrated social media campaign can be scarce for a small business, I created the document in such a way as to enabled the company to initiate many of the strategies without additional assistance from me.