Fair & Square Remodeling- Social Media

Fair & Square Remodeling- Social Media

Mike Otto wanted to get his social media campaign off the ground and he asked for my help. We approached this project in three phases.

  1. Content Planning and Profile Preparation
  2. Blog and Social Media Profile Launch
  3. Ongoing Publication and Maintenance

Content Planning and Profile Preparation

Mike is a general contractor who has years of experience… and stories. What sets him apart from other contractors is his easy personality, fierce dedication to a successful project and his propensity for telling relevant and humorous stories.

My first recommendation was for him to capture and share those stories for his audience so that they could get a taste of him before they ever picked up the phone to call. This strategy also ensured that the people who had already worked with him would keep him top of mind if they chose to follow his ongoing story.

To do this, we needed to create a centralized blog as a home base and then refer back to it from satellite social media properties.

Content Planning

To begin, I created a content plan for Mike that laid out which content would be created, where it would be distributed, and how often.

Part of the plan included a content creation schedule that ensured Mike would dedicate just two hours a week to the plan, ensuring that his busy schedule could accommodate and sustain the effort to maintain the right amount of content for his visitors.

Profile Preparation

The next step was seeding his blog and profiles with enough content to entice new visitors during the next phase of the project- launch.

I updated his blog with the functionality and content to give it a rich presence and personable feel.

I created and/or updated his social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, Flickr, Slideshare) and identified people that were appropriate to follow.

Blog and Social Media Profile Launch

Once the content plan was in place and there was healthy activity in all of Mike’s profiles, we sent the first round of emails to segmented groups which led back to the blog.

We followed the people we had identified and engaged with them as they visited each profile. We executed the content publishing schedule and began regular updates in each part of the plan.

Ongoing Publication and Maintenance

Mike publishes content to his blog on a weekly basis, he sends monthly emails and he posts weekly on each of his social media profiles. He has a structured plan that allows him to be timely and relevant with his audience while offering a unique perspective and valuable insight.

Mike also invites guest bloggers in industries related to his. His visitors benefit from his strong professional relationships in the community.


Mike has grown an engaged and excited following online. His audience ranges from homeowners to realtors to designers to other industry professionals. He receives inquiries from all over the country and he is enjoying an increase in warm leads for his growing business.

Mike’s social media campaign is now a healthy and contributing factor to his overall lead generation efforts.