Cambria – Website Redesign

Cambria – Website Redesign

Cambria’s current website is several years old. It is content heavy and misses the opportunity to deliver a top-notch experience to visitors.

The new site will set Cambria apart from competitors who are not yet making the most of the online media and will advance Cambria’s online lead generation and audience connection capabilities.

My research, focus groups, ideation, information architecture and leadership has driven the plan for the next version of the site.

I completed the following planning activities:

  • An online competitive analysis which identified two large opportunities which competitors are not yet taking advantage of.
  • The determination of and commitment to measurable goals and objectives for the new site.
  • A review of analytics and visitor requests on the current site, all of which indicate many areas for improvement in user experience.
  • A focus group with interior designers to inform user paths and features for the new site.
  • Creation of a complete information architecture (site map and functional prototype) for the new site.

Next Steps

Based on the plan I established, Cambria is working toward:

  1. Gaining internal approval of the information architecture (site map and prototype)
  2. Finding a partner to help with executing the plan.