Cambria – Twitter

Cambria – Twitter

Twitter users only choose to follow those Twitter accounts that offer them content they perceive to be beneficial. As a company, Cambria’s challenge is to provide content that users will find valuable, compelling them to follow. The payoff is the potential to reach engaged followers with targeted messages designed to further the brand.

Twitter Approach

Since selling Cambria countertops on Twitter is likely to be a fruitless endeavor, my approach to setting up a Twitter account was to establish Cambria as a source for lifestyle and design-inspired content.

Audience and Impact

Consumers who might purchase Cambria and designers who might include it in their projects have a keen interest in color trends, home improvement ideas, and design inspiration. Providing that sort of content elevates the value of following Cambria on Twitter and expands the brand to represent a trusted design partner.

In addition, engaging with Cambria dealers and partners on Twitter creates a rich network of service providers who are available to communicate with potential customers. Finally, connecting with eco-enthusiasts on Twitter illustrates the green commitment the product embodies.

The Cambria brand on Twitter now represents a trusted design partner, a network of service providers and a focus on the commitment to being green. Conceivably, this could have an impact on user decisions to purchase Cambria at some point in the future.

Contribution Versus Promotion

I established and followed a 90/10 rule for the content Cambria offered via Twitter. 90% of Cambria’s tweets “contribute” (lifestyle content) and 10% of Cambria’s tweets “promote” (news, events, product launches, and spokesperson activities). This ratio ensures that users continue to see the value in following Cambria indefinitely.

Initial Launch

I planned and executed a thoughtful launch for Cambria’s Twitter page. I started by creating a list of interior design thought-leaders and trendsetters we wanted to follow. Knowing that once we followed them, they would likely investigate our page and decide whether or not to follow back, I set out to seed our page carefully. I led the design and creation of the background image, avatar, and bio, and I selected and wrote a number of lifestyle tweets.

Upon approval of the tweets and strategy for moving forward, I tweeted over the course of 2 weeks until our account looked active and inviting. Then I proceeded to follow the thought-leaders and trendsetters I had selected. As I’d hoped, many of them decided to follow Cambria back. A number of users have remarked on the value that Cambria offers on Twitter and the account continues to see regular growth and user engagement.

Visit Cambria’s Twitter favorites page to see many examples of user engagement.

Visit the list detail page to see the lists Cambria has been included on.

Management and Monitoring

While at Cambria, I was responsible for selecting and writing all content to be tweeted, choosing tweets to retweet, managing lists, and growing Cambria’s following organically. I also tracked all analytics related to Twitter (link statistics, referrals to, etc.) and made changes as needed.