Best Buy Media Kit- Information Architecture

Best Buy Media Kit- Information Architecture

Media Kit Website

Best Buy has a growing media network offering, yet their existing website didn’t represent that. The website failed to tell a compelling story about the benefits of advertising with Best Buy. The information on the site was outdated and the user experience was difficult and confusing.

Media Kit USB Drive Presentation

Best Buy distributes a USB drive to many of their potential partners. The “blue shirt” USB drive contains a presentation summarizing the media network offering. The existing presentation used lengthy animations and transitions, which obstructed and interfered with their selling process. The material on the drive was also outdated.

The Solution

Best Buy asked me to create the information architecture for a new media kit website and also the companion USB drive presentation that their sales team would distribute during every sales process.

Despite their different purposes, there needed to be symmetry between the website and the USB drive and there needed to be room for future growth.

I used Axure to create the functional prototype and wireframes for the new website and the USB drive presentation.

The functional prototype allowed the media network team to understand how the site would function before signaling development to begin.

The new site and USB drive presentation launched in October 2011. Sheila Oberaigner was responsible for the visual design and the Nerdery completed the development.

The media network team has been very pleased with the feedback they’ve received from their partners about the new site and presentation.